Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Home Again, Home Again

DH (dear husband) and I have spent the last three days on the shores of Lake Superior for our annual anniversary get away. We will be heading towards home in about 3 hours to, I mean, relieve my parents of our five children. It sounds like they've all had a good time while we were away.

Before we do go, I'd like to post some of the many pictures we've taken of the view from our little cabin by the big lake. There is no way that any photograph can really capture the beauty and majesty of the lake, but nonetheless, we make valiant attempts every year to do so!

Thanks Mom and Dad for making our get-away possible!!!

I know, I know

I know....go ahead and say it....I've been a terrible blogger! Life has been busy and just "normal", which is good, so there has been a tremendous lack of blogging material! Here's a brief update on the fam...

Seely's foot seems to be healing up nicely. He has just one more week in the "boot" before he can go back to a shoe, and we will see the orthopedic doc's about a week after that to make sure things have actually healed up the way they were supposed to. He has had no pain with it really, beyond that first week, so that is good.

Lily and Mango were in a worship dance performance at church on Oct. 12th, with several other elementary, junior and senior high school ladies. They did a wonderful job and seemed to enjoy performing. The younger girls will be dancing again in December!

Don't they all look beautiful??????