Monday, April 20, 2009

Stay Off the Sidewalks

Last Friday, Seely passed his driver's test on the first try and is now a licencsed if you live nearby, you'd do well to be on the look out for our vehicles and steer clear!!!! On the serious side, he is as responsible and careful as any new driver could be, but we would still appreciate any prayers for safety and protection as he begins to head out on his own. (And for this mommy heart that now has to watch her "baby" drive away. ) We love you, Seely and are so proud of the person you have become!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

You Have GOT TO Hear This

Perhaps many of you have already seen this youtube video. I never visit youtube. Never. But so many people were talking and blogging about Susan Boyle's singing debut that I caved and decided to go see what all of the hoopla was about, expecting to be extremely underwhelmed.
It is a clip from Britain's Got Talent. You will see a rather frumpy 47 year old, unemployed woman step out on stage and claim she'd like to be a famous singer. The judges cast rude and doubtful glances amoungst themselves. The audience members roll their eyes as the music begins to play. And then this woman opens her mouth and begins to sing...and within seconds everyone in the room realizes they are in the presence of true greatness. You really do have to see and hear this to believe it. But you might want to grab a kleenix before you do, because it literally brought tears to my eyes. Wow.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook for 4/13/09

FOR TODAY ...April 13, 2009

Outside my window...The sky is slightly cloudy and it's nice enough to be out without a coat. Monkey is blowing bubbles on the deck and the girls are playing "club" in the backyard.

I am thinking...about the appointments we have the rest of this week

I am thankful for...the suprise short visit we had with my aunt.

From the learning rooms...Still finishing up our school year. Today, Lily dropped a book in the water she was soaking her injured toe in, and Random set his paper in a water puddle.

From the kitchen... We just finished a dinner of macho nachos (with hidden veggies). My kids love them, and they are quick and easy after a busy day of school, lunch out, and playing outside.

I am usual - blue jeans and a purple long sleeve t-shirt. I guess my wardrobe is quite boring.

I am creating...a home for five children and one wonderful man, and that is enough.

I am BSF in about half an hour. We are nearing the end of the study, and I know I will miss having this regular accountability in my spiritual life over the summer.

I am reading...Let's see.....I often read a couple of books a week, so it is hard to remember which one I am on at the moment. I think I'm finishing up a Love Inspired Historical romance, and will soon be starting a re-reading of the Lori Wick book Pretense. On the Kindle, of course.

I am hoping...the weather stays nice and we are able to spend more and more time outside. My kids love it, and even my older boys are getting better about leaving the video games behind to go out and play in the yard. The current favorite is playing "Over" where they hit whiffle balls over the garage roof to each other with tennis rackets.

I am hearing...Happy children's voices as they run and play outside, the clack of the dog's nails on the deck, and the clothes dryer running downstairs.

Around the house...As usual, there is laundry to be folded and the kitchen could use some sweeping, but otherwise the house is rather picked up and clean!

One of my favorite things...reading (or trying to read) outside while my children play nearby

A few plans for the rest of the week: Appointments of all sorts.

Here is picture thought I am sharing... My sister-in-law calls these "butt pictures".

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Friday, April 10, 2009

When Your Oldest Turns 16

On Wednesday of this week, Seely turned 16. It's hard to believe that the tiny baby I held so many years ago is now capable of picking me up.
We had lunch out with friends, and Chinese for dinner to celebrate. He opened gifts and then spent the evening at church leading his AWANA Cubbies group, like the responsible young man that he is. Tonight, we will have the bigger family dinner out at the restaurant of his choice.
When Seely was an infant, during all of those late night feedings, I made a habit of praying for the young man he would someday become - that he would grow into a man of character and who followed God with his whole heart. God has truly answered our prayers, for our son has become a wonderful young man who we are very proud of and love more than we can say.
And so begins the last two years of letting him go.