Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mango Turns Nine!!!

Nine years ago today, my daughter was one day old. I did not know her then. She was born into a place very different than the one she now lives in. There were hardships that brought her out of that place and into another, but I do know that she was always precious, always loved, and always wanted.
I only have to look at her now to know she was a beautiful baby. I imagine that she was a content, calm, and happy infant, and that she smiled early and easily, because that's how she is today. Her amazing ability to love others tells me that someone lovingly cared for her then.
And today I find myself feeling grateful. Grateful for all of the people who loved and cared for her before I even knew her name. She is who she is today because of what each of her families, and each of her caretakers have given her...and who she is today is one very amazing girl. She's funny, kind, responsible, compassionate, unselfish, loving, patient, and just enjoyable. I couldn't love her more than I do and it's a privilege to be her mom!