Friday, September 19, 2008

How We Didn't See John McCain

Instead of our usual homeschool co-op classes this morning, many of the co-op families decided to attend the McCain/Palin rally being held near-by. We parked at the "shuttle station" and were told something was "screwed up" with the shuttles, and that it was suggested we walk....So, off we went. We walked the mile and a half with hundreds of other rally-goers. The weather was beautiful, the people friendly, and the protesters were respectful and peaceful.

We arrived at the hangar about an hour and a half before their big arrival (remember it took a half hour to walk!), and saw this.....

And that, my friends, is about all we saw! There was no raised stage, so we were not able to see either McCain or Palin in person. (Except for Mango, because Uncle Matt - who we happened to run into there - was kind enough to put her on his shoulders). And the sound system was so poor that only the people in the front were able to hear anything that was being said. (I realize that some of you may think that is a good thing - but it really was disappointing). Don't the kids all look excited to be there?????
The most excitement we had was generated by the man holding the Obama sign in this picture.

He and one of the McCain rally goers had a shouting match, and yours truly had to go find the policemen before things got violent (and the first punch was being thrown right about the time the policemen arrived).

So we left early, and did what our group is best at....went to lunch!!!!

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