Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lily Update

Thank you for your prayers, everyone!
We are back from the surgeon's office, and will return in 4 weeks for a final determination as to whether or not Lily will need further surgery. In the mean time, he has doubled her antibiotic dose and wants her on it for 3-4 weeks, and I am supposed to push the little skin flap off of the post a couple of times a day to help keep the skin elastic. We do get the impression that surgery will be likely. If he does operate, he will not only remove the little flap of skin, he will also re-thin all of the tissue between the skin and the bone, to decrease the chance of infections in the future, and to help with her ear fit.
We'd appreciate any continued prayers. Lily is really quite a tough cookie when it comes to her surgeries, but obviously would rather not have another one. And going without her prosthetic wears on her and her self-esteem. (But boy is she able to charm her doctors!)

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