Friday, June 12, 2009

Hunt and Find in Real Life

Who needs "Where's Waldo?" when you have a fish pond with teeny tiny fish swimming around? Despite their bright orange coloring and a small number of hiding places, our tiny fish have managed to all but disappear into our little pond.
We brought 7 comets (feeder goldfish, but "comets" sounds a little fancier, doesn't it?) home from the pet store earlier this afternoon, and after allowing them some time to acclimate to the cooler temperatures of an outdoor pond, we released them.

The little things probably feel like they have a whole ocean after living in a crowded tank, and quickly disappeared to the bottom of the pond.

The kids are hoping they'll grow fast so they'll be a little bit easier to see! In the mean time, the afternoon has been spent in many games involving who can spot the first or the most fish.

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