Monday, October 5, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook for 10/05/09

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For today....October 5th, 2009

Outside my window...The sky is gray and overcast. Most of the leaves on our trees are still green, but a few have already fallen to the ground. The fish pond is now empty.

I am thinking...about where the time has gone. Fall weather seemed to be non-existent this year!

I am thankful for...So many things. Kids who are healthy, cars that run, that my husband has a job, good friends, and a God who loves me.

From the learning rooms... We are in our ninth week of school. American history includes the period of rebuilding after the Civil War and reading about some great inventors. Monkey continues to love school and is excitedly waiting for me to get ready to start each morning.

From the kitchen...Most likely meatloaf tonight. The weather is cool and it's time to start using the oven more. Meatloaf is not something I thought my kids would ever like, but they all do!

I am wearing... blue jeans, my purple Vikings jersey and gold colored socks for the BIG game tonight against the Packers (even though I won't be home to see most of it).

I am creating...children who have a good sense of humor

I am going....out to lunch with my parents and kids. BSF tonight.

I am reading...the last in a series of books by Robyn Carr

I am hoping...for a few more days of fall like weather before the winter gloom closes in

I am hearing...the dog snoring, pages turning, children moving in their chairs as they do their school work

Around the house...the usual laundry to be folded (made only worse by the fact that the glass light cover fell in Seely's room yesterday, necessitating a complete change of bedding and a washing of any clothing within glass-flying distance), lots of school items, and kids' drawings laying around.

One of my favorite things...seeing Monkey thrilled to be getting a spelling test (huh????)

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week...hopefully a good week of school, our usual activities, Co-op on Friday. Maybe a trip out to meet the horse that my niece won in an essay contest!

Here is a picture thought I'm sharing...

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Breezy Point Mom said...

I enjoyed reading your daybook today. It is always interesting to look in on another homeschool family who lives far away.. in this case, way up north from us. I am glad that there is enthusiasm in your family for their lessons. My children pretty much enjoy their lessons, too. They are both getting over the swine flu this week (we are pretty sure) but the good thing about homeschooling is that learning can always go on, in some form, while children are getting better. Have a blessed week!