Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Harvest Dancing

On Friday, the 31st, we all headed off to church for the annual Harvest Fest. The kids have carnival games, and there is a Bible Walk where they go to different stations to gather candy creatively related to a Bible story. For instance, they were given Milky Ways after hearing the story of Creation, and how God created the stars. They were given Snickers after hearing how Sarah laughed at being told she would have a baby at 90 years old, and lifesavers after hearing the story of Jesus dying on the cross to save them. A good time was had by all. Seely dressed as himself and helped run the carnival games. Random dressed as a nerd by taping nerd candies to himself and using his father's nerd pajama pants as a candy bag. Lily was a doctor. Mango a princess, and Monkey was his hero, Spiderman.

The next morning, Lily and Mango had to be back at church early because the worship dance team was performing for a conference held at our church. It made for a rather busy, but fun weekend!

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