Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Rescuing Dora

Monkey has once again been living up to his name. Over the past day or so, we have been finding all sorts of things missing and later showing up at the bottom of the laundry chute. Today topped them all! Seely went into the bathroom to discover a rather large puddle of lotion on the floor and splattered on the wall in front of the laundry chute. Being the wise big brother that he is, he stuck his head into the laundry chute to discover many, many squirts of lotion running down the walls inside, and a Dora doll stuck by the head about half way down. We immediately set out on a rescue and clean up mission, but found we had to be a bit creative about how we went about it, as much of it was past the point of our reach.

Finally, we were able to rescue Dora from her precarious position, though it was too late to spare her from being covered in lavender lotion.

Through many clever acts of engineering, we were even able to get most of the lotion off of the inside of the laundry chute! But alas, discipline must still be meted out to the one who endangered poor Dora and created such a huge mess (no matter how entertaining it was to his siblings!).

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cora said...

I didnt know he put Dora down there, too!