Sunday, February 8, 2009

Our Week

This past week has been a really long one at our house. Just about everyone in the house, except for me, has gotten sick. Bad winter colds and a houseful of asthmatics just don't mix well.
Monkey's asthma flared up last weekend, which means giving nebs every 4-6 hours around the clock, day after day after day. He later started running a fever and was started on antibiotics. He's feeling better now, but spent much of the week doing this:
On Tuesday, both Random and Seely also started not feeling great. I had to go pick up Seely early from a co-op class he takes, but other than that one day, they have both, so far, seemed to be okay.
Lily started coughing around Wednesday, but managed to stop long enough to help me roll out some cinnamon rolls (that didn't get done until about midnight because I forgot they had to raise 2 hours before baking!)
Wednesday night, DH started getting sick, with the same cough and fever that Monkey had. He's been off of work since then, and even though he's on medicine, he is making a very slow recovery.
Mango has only a slight cough and no fever, so she and I went out for lunch on Saturday, and spent her last Christmas gift card. She purchased some Pixo's, and has been having fun making horse designs. The TV's been on so much this week, with people not feeling well, that even the cat has taken up watching it. (He's watching a MacGyver rerun in the photo.) Ignore the laundry in the background - it's clean, just waiting to be folded!)
And since we've been spending so much time at home, Lily and I are loom knitting a hat, scarf, mitten set for our exchange student who arrives in two weeks. Lily's working on the scarf.

Please say a prayer that everyone will get and stay healthy!

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Jamie said...

I'd heard that your little man wasn't feeling well last Sunday. I hope you're all feeling better soon! We've had it come, and almost go. Everyone got it all at once, but me. I thought I'd be lucky and avoid it. Nope. I got it last when they're all feeling well and have lots of energy!!!

I didn't know you were getting an exchange student! So cool!! Where from?