Friday, May 1, 2009

Life at the Hotel

This weekend we are at a hotel for the CSC adoptive families weekend. It's a great time for our kids to connect with other kids they knew and lived with before they came to us, and for the families to connect and share stories.
Our rooms are wonderful, and we share a courtyard area with several other CSC families, so kids were running across the grass in and out of each other's rooms. Later, we had dinner with a couple of the other families.

After dinner, all of the families got together and watched a silly video made by CSC staff, had some snacks, played a game, and then most of the kids hit the pool.Is it any wonder that no-one but the adoptive families came anywhere near the pool area with this many people????? Really, the kids were all very well-behaved and had a great time together (though not many of the adults, even the ones who didn't intend to get wet, actually managed to stay dry!)
It's a hopping place here tonight, with lots of smiles and good times being shared. And the party only continues tomorrow!

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