Saturday, May 9, 2009

An Outdoor Saturday

It was cool here today, but we still spent much of the day enjoying the outdoors. I love the high 60's/low 70's sort of days!
This morning, we began planting a few vegetables in a mini-garden. (Yes, we know it's late to start seeds, but everything we planted is of the quick growing variety.) Now, if we can just keep the bunnies away, maybe we'll have some fresh veggies in a couple of months. We're also going to attempt some watermelon's and musk melons, but those will need to go outback where there is more space.

Monkey also officially "graduated" from his tricycle to a bicycle with training wheels. He told me "The first time on the new bike was AHHHH very scary, but the second time on the new bike was FUN!" And for those of you who are concerned about such things, we did later find Seely and Random's very first bicycle, so Monkey no longer is resigned to using the pink one.

This evening, DH took a couple of the boys to the home improvement store and returned with my Mother's Day present....a patio swing. It is supposed to be a secret, so you can't tell until tomorrow (though I've already tried it out and have given it a two thumb's up)! Now, I can sit outside and read and swing contentedly while the kids run around and play, and my vegetables do their best to grow inspite of (and despite of) my best gardening efforts.

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