Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lily's Big Week

This is a big week for our Lily.

On Monday, she turned 12 years old. We celebrated with a lunch out with friends on Sunday, lunch out with relatives on Monday, and with gifts and cupcakes Monday evening.
Tuesday morning we headed off for haircuts.
Lily will be having surgery on Friday. They will be doing a revision of her ear-post area so she can eventually wear her prosthetic ear again, and they will be placing a fourth post farther back on her head for a BAHA hearing aid. She is excited about this as it will allow her to hear on both sides of her head. She will need a second surgery in 4 months to finish this procedure.
To place the BAHA post, the doctor will need to shave a small part of her head, slightly above and behind where her ear would be. To make this easier for him (and because he's guy and not a beautician), we talked with Lily about getting her hair shortened before the procedure.
She chose to go much shorter than she would've needed to and to donate her hair. It was a very unselfish thing to do and I'm very proud of her.
Her beautiful thick, black hair will be sent to Locks of Love and used to make a wig for a child who needs one.
Here she is after getting her new style! Doesn't she look great?

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