Monday, May 24, 2010

Update and Vacation 2010 - Day 1

I have been a terrible blogger!
Lily's surgery in March went well, but was not entirely successful. They had hoped to be able to "clean up" and thin out the skin around her top ear post implant, but were not able to do so. The bones in her skull have not grown evenly, so the post now tips forward and is too near her jaw joint. There was simply nothing more they could do to prevent infections in that area, so we have had the top post portion removed (the part in the bone is not removable). She will have surgery again in August for the Stage 2 part of her BAHA and they will open her reserve implant then for a final try at getting her a prosthetic ear that works. Her surgeon told us that this will be the first time a reserve post has ever needed to be used.

May 12th, the day after getting surgery scheduled, we left on vacation. We were rather proud of our packing job!
We didn't make it any farther than the Wisconsin border before Monkey had to buy a new stuffed friend!

We traveled several hours and spent our first night in Hoffman Estates, IL.

The days quotes from the backseat crowd: "Is this Washington D.C.?" (asked as we pulled into a Subway minutes from home), "Another cheese shop?", "He's in my space, Mom.", the theme song from Pinky and the Brain, "We are now emerging from behind the Cheddar Curtain", "Why do we have to pay to use these roads?", and of course, "Are we there yet?"

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