Sunday, July 5, 2009

Vacation 2009- Part 2 The Big Horns

After spending the night in Wall, we loaded up and drove to see Mt. Rushmore . It is always an incredible sight, and I wish we had more time to just sit and gaze (but kids who are anxious to see their aunt and uncle don't sit and gaze so well!).

In case you are wondering what they are doing, they are posing like the 4 heads on Mt. Rushmore. Yes, we had spent too much time in the hot vehicle by this point!

Later, we went inside the Visitor's Center and met one of the men who had actually helped carve Mt. Rushmore. He was a rather crotchety old man, but it was really a once in a lifetime opportunity, and he did agree to a picture (even though he's not looking at the camera!).

Afterwards, we left the Black Hills area and headed into Wyoming, and over the Big Horn Mountains. It is an absolutely gorgeous drive, and perhaps has become one of my favorite places. It was quite cloudy as we ascended that day, but I think that made it only more beautiful.

There was still a little bit of snow at the top, and the temperature was a cool 42 degrees Fahrenheit...a very pleasant change from the 95+ degrees down below. We descended into Ten Sleep, Wyoming, a small town at the base of the Big Horns, where they still ride their horses in the street (and talk on their cell phones at the same time).We arrived in the town of Basin, around 5:30 Friday evening, and were warmly welcomed by two of the most genuinely hospitable people anyone could ever be lucky enough to know. We spent the evening getting settled, and catching up, and I believe there was some gun-shooting and 4- wheeler riding going on as well!

Wyoming is really a beautiful place. I love seeing the antelope eating on the sides of the road as we drive around (we have yet to see them actually "play" inspite of what the famous song says!).


Sabrina said...

What fun!!! I am so sad now that I am stuck here in hot GA! :)

Debbie said...

Gorgeous, Jodi! It has been cool here, but not quite that cool. They are saying maybe in the 40s tonight...unbelievable for July.

Liz Tolsma said...

I love Mt. Rushmore. Haven't been to Wyoming, but it sounds great! It's been cool here, too. Sabrina, you should come visit!