Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Vacation 2009 - Part 4: 4-wheeling and recovery

After horseback riding, Uncle D took us all out for some 4-wheeling in the Wyoming badlands. It was absolutely gorgeous out there, and the kids all loved it! We found out we have several thrill-addicts in our family!!!Sunday morning we awoke slightly stiff (okay, the adults were anyway!) from the previous day's adventures and headed off to church. We attend a larger-sized church at home, but there is something very special about a small church where everyone knows everyone. The people were very warm and have a genuine passion for making a difference in their community. It was a good reminder to be praying for the smaller churches, their pastors, and the impact they are making in lives, even without a big budget.
Sunday afternoon, we took our sore muscles and headed off to Thermopolis for a long soak in the Hot Springs. We jumped, soaked, and played together for a couple of hours. (That's Random in mid-air!)This is my niece's daughter "A" with Lily and Mango. She and her two sisters spent three of our four Wyoming days with their grandparents and us, and we all really enjoyed our time together. I think I would've brought them home with us, if we only had had room in our vehicle!

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