Friday, July 17, 2009

Vacation 2009 - Part 7 Exploring

After a very busy and fun week of VBS, I am now determined to finish blogging our vacation adventures (blessings to those of you who are actually still reading!).

After finishing our fossil hunting, we headed further up into the Big Horn mountains. Pictures can in no way do the beauty of the place justice, but I am always determined to try! We got to look at scenes like this all afternoon!
We stopped part of the way up the mountain to try to find a cave to do some spelunking. When we lost the trail, my brother-in-law went off to try to find it again. We waited in a clearing for him to come back. A few minutes into our wait, Random inquired what we would do if a bear came along. We told him that being he'd won the shooting contest that the rest of us were turning to run back to our vehicle and he was to stay there and shoot the bear. :-) He was not amused (okay, only slightly). Luckily, no bear came along (though tracks were spotted), and unfortunately the fire had destroyed the trail enough that we weren't able to go to the cave.
This picture is taken from the clearing where we were standing.

On our way back down from the mountain, we stopped at Shell Falls. The picture can in no way show the tremendous amount of water that was falling. My brother-in-law said he'd never seen the water level that high.

And Aunt C? This pic is for you! :-)

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