Friday, January 16, 2009

Good-bye Salt and Pepper

No, this isn't about bidding farewell to the common spices sitting on your kitchen table. It's about Random's pet gerbils.
Every mom is familiar with how their kids call them...and all kids have a way of saying "Mom", that means "Come right now, I need you." Just after lunch, I heard that type of call from Random. Salt, one of his beloved gerbils, was obviously very, very ill and huddled in the bottom of her cage. We talked for a few moments about what he thought would be the best and kindest thing to do, and he choose to have both of the gerbils put to sleep today. Salt was obviously not going to live much longer, and none of us had the heart to watch her suffer or to put her out of her misery ourselves. Gerbils do not like to live alone and do not accept new cagemates, so we decided that it was kindest for the elderly Pepper to be put to sleep today as well. So it is a bit of a sad day here for Random.

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