Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mango's Story

One of Mango's assignments today was to write a story. What she wrote is too precious to not be recorded and published somewhere, so here it is (edited only for psuedonyms).
"Once there was 2 children who needed a family. There names were Mango and Monkey. They were waiting to be adopted by a wonderful family. The family was waiting to get two wonderful children. When Mango and Monkey found out they were geting a family one of our brothers let Monkey play with the camra. When Mia found out I was geting a family she took my lion."
The rather amusing sidenote to this story is that Mia (and her sister), who once shared a room with Mango when she lived at CSC, were later adopted by a great family who have become good friends of ours, and the girls are all still able to see each other and spend time together (though Mia does not steal her lion anymore!) Isn't it cool how God works things out?????

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Sabrina said...

That is really neat!