Friday, January 16, 2009

Living a Little Cheaper

It's been so cold out these past few days, we've been spending alot of time at home. That means we've all had more time to curl up with a book, use the Wii Fit, watch movies (Thank you, Netflix!), and surf the web. With the new year now here, we've also had some time (and incentive) to once again look at our budget, and try to see where we can save some money in this uncertain economy. One of the websites we've discovered is called Ebates. Ebates, in a nutshell, is an on-line shopping and rebate center. You create and log into your account, click on the on-line store you wish to shop at (and there are thousands), and simply shop. A few times a year, Ebates will issue you a rebate check or even credit your paypal account, if you'd prefer. The amount of rebate varies from store to store, but they are able to give this money back to you by simply splitting the commission they recieve from the store you shopped at. It's free (you can even get a $10 gift card for joining), and has been endorsed by Consumer Reports, so if you are a frequent on-line shopper, be sure to check it out.

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