Friday, January 30, 2009

Ah, the joys...

I was in the mood for chocolate this evening, and wondered outloud about having a bowl of Phish Food (Ben and Jerry's chocolate/marshmallow/fudge mix). Lily, Mango, and Monkey immediately started making faces and "oh yuck" noises, thinking I was going to be happily eating a pile of fish flakes. So I made them a deal, that if I ate a big spoonful of "fish food", that they would have to sing Mary Had A Little Lamb while walking in a circle. They waited with much anticipation while I went out to the freezer to get the container, and then groaned when they realized what I was actually going to eat was a big spoonful of yummy chocolate ice cream, and not icky, smelly flakes. Above is a picture of them fulfilling their end of the bet!

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