Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Cold Winter's Morning

We woke up this morning to no heat. Our furnace had stopped working sometime during the night, and it was a chilly 59 degrees Fahrenheit upstairs, several degrees cooler downstairs, and 9 degrees outside. DH called a repairman, we started up our space heaters, and threw an extra blanket on each of the kids' beds. The repairman was here by 8:45, took a look, and told us he will need to get a part. He hopes to be back with it between 11 and 1, but we won't have heat until then.
Despite the cooler temps, it has been a cozy morning. The kids are snuggled up in blankets doing their schoolwork at the table, we've baked some muffins for breakfast, and slippers and sweatshirts are the dress of the day.
And it's already warmed up to 68 degrees upstairs!

Seely says he's cool all of the time, and remains unfazed by the chilly temperatures.

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