Saturday, December 13, 2008

Duel Birthdays and Super Barks

This has been a weekend of celebrations. Yesterday was DH's birthday. (I will leave you to guess how old he is!) We went out to one of his favorite Chinese buffets for dinner, and then the big boys watched the movie The Pink Panther after the youngest three kids were in bed. I couldn't tell you a thing about the movie, other than the fact all three of them were laughing and out-right guffawing through much of it.
Today is Random's 13th (and golden) birthday. It is hard to believe that that tiny baby, who struggled so much to grow and stay healthy as an infant, is now a teenager! He opened one of his presents this morning, and then we all headed off to a very special Christmas party (more on that later). We had lunch out at the restaurant of his choice, then picked up a friend of his, before heading out to see the movie Bolt. We are back at home now, and the boys (ours and a couple of neighbor kids who are here about as often as they are at home) are downstairs playing Lego Batman on the Wii. It has been declared one of the best games ever by more than one of our gaming aficionados.
I honestly did not expect to enjoy the movie Bolt, but it really did have it's funny parts, and even a moment near the end where I caught myself wiping my eye just a bit. There were a couple of wonderful messages in it too - Bolt discovers that it is not super powers that makes him special and important, but his being loved, and that any home is special when it is yours. These were wonderful messages for our kids to hear, and were especially timely for one of them.

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