Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Week of Lasts

This week is the last week of this year for many of our activities.
Monday night was the last night of the Bible Study Fellowship group the girls and I participate in. This year the study is on the life of Moses. It has been a great study, and though I can't honestly say I'm thrilled that we'll soon be reading through Leviticus (which Random has just declared to be the most boring book of the Bible), I am excited to see what lessons can be found there. (There must be some, right????) The girls really enjoyed bringing small presents to their teachers, and chowed on their candy canes the whole way home.
Tuesday was Seely's last day of classes at the homeschool co-op that he's been attending. He took American Government and Spanish I there each week, and really seemed to enjoy going. Next semester, he will be participating in the Student Senate, as well as finishing up his Spanish credit.
And today was the "last day" for little Monkey's AWANA Cubbies book. Apparently, when he was getting in the car to go to church tonight, he didn't manage to get his bag all of the way in before closing the door. When they arrived at church, DH found Monkey's bag hanging outside the car, with the bag and book pretty much ripped to shreds after having drug on snowy, wet pavement for many minutes. Monkey is very proud of his book, so I was a little worried he'd be upset about it's destruction, but DH said he was okay about it, and the leaders did give him another one (after having a good chuckle at it's appearance and the story of how it got that way).

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