Sunday, December 28, 2008

Goin' to the Playoffs

The Vikings are NFC North champions!!!!! They are goin' to the playoffs!!!!!

My uncle was kind enough to give DH and I his tickets for today's big game, and we were able to witness the Vikings win their game over the New York Giants and (honorably) secure their spot in the playoffs.

It was a very up and d0wn game. The Vikes started out ahead, but the Giants soon gained on us. In addition to our own game, the fans in the stands were trying to keep track of the score for the Houston/Chicago game, because a loss for the Bears would also have given us a play-off spot. The Viking's coaches had asked for that score to not be posted, so every so often someone in the stands would get a text with the score and yell it out to anyone within hearing distance (which if you've been to a Vikings game, you know is not really all that far - we have the reputation for being some of the loudest fans in the NFL!). It looked like the Bears were going to lose, but they too inched close at times.

Finally, in a very exciting last 5 seconds of the game, #8 (my hero) Ryan Longwell did as his name suggests and kicked the ball long and well for a 50 yard field goal, putting the Vikes ahead 20-19! It was a exciting game, and Seely has been invited to the playoff game next week!

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