Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Visit to Santa

So it finally occured to me today that we hadn't yet made our annual trek to the local mall to see Santa. When Seely and Random were very small, we would go to the mall on Santa's very first day, and watch him arrive on a fire truck, complete with sirens and lights. As we've added more children, and as they've gotten older, we've kind of abandoned (ie. forgotten) that tradition, and make our Santa visit when the crowds are smaller. The kids all finished up their school work quickly today, so shortly after lunch, all but Seely loaded up and headed off to the mall.
Santa was "napping" when we arrived, so we did some window shopping in the pet store, and then went to get in line. Finally, we caught a glimpse of the jolly old man himself walking down the hallway, and were able to take our turn. All of the kids actually seemed very underwhelmed with the whole experience, and it made me wonder just how many more trips to see Santa we will be taking before they all lose interest.

You'll notice that Santa is not even looking at the camera. In fact, Santa very deliberately did NOT look at my camera. Apparently, he is not allowed to do so unless you are purchasing the (very expensive) photographs that they sell there. And I thought getting four kids to look the same direction at the same time was difficult!?!?!??!!

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